Monthly Progress Report (42) February 2023

1. Major Activities of the Month

During the month of February, the PI Consultant Team actively conducted work including the key activities summarized below:

1.1 Energy Audit Guidelines

The Senior Energy Audit Expert of the PI Consultant Team, Mr. Norio Fukushima, created some sector specific energy audit guidelines upon request from SREDA. Such guidelines, intended for use by the energy auditors, were drafted by Mr. Fukushima, reviewed by the National Energy Audit Experts of the Team, and further refined. The sectors include the main energy consuming industry sectors in Bangladesh namely textile & garment, cement, steel, paper & pulp, and ceramics. The guidelines contain energy audit procedure, manufacturing process in each sector, questionnaire example and check point before factory visit, on-site survey and measurement, analysis and advice for improvement, example of energy audit report, and recommended energy efficient technologies in each sector. The draft energy audit report is attached in this monthly progress report 42 (Appendix 42-1 to 42-5). 

1.2 Awareness Raising Activities

(1) Dhaka International Textile and Garment Machinery Exhibition (DTG) 

The 17th Dhaka International Textile and Garment Machinery Exhibition (DTG) was convened at International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) from 15 to 18 February 2023. It is one of the largest exhibitions in the textile and garment sector in Bangladesh. The industry owners and engineers who are keen to know about energy efficiency trend are expected to visit this event. Taking this opportunity, project advertisement was published on one full page in the show directory booklet of the DTG exhibition.

Fig 1a DTG Entrance
Fig 1b Reception
Fig 1c Show Directory
Fig 1d Full page advertisement

(2) Newspaper Advertisement 

In parallel with the DTG Exhibition, A newspaper advertisement on six different papers were posted. The newspaper advertisement carried the same contents and message as the one on DTF Exhibition Show Directory. It was for seven consecutive days, during the week of the 17th DTG Expo, that the newspaper advertisement was observed. The name of the newspapers which carried the advertisement, and their respective posting period is as shown in the following table: 

NewspaperPeriod for publication
Bangladesh Protidin12,13,14,15,16,17,18/Feb/2023
Kaler Kontho12,13,14,15,16,17,18/Feb/2023
The Daily Star12,13,14,15,16,17,18/Feb/2023
The Financial Express12,13,14,15,16,17,18/Feb/2023
The Daily Observer12,13,14,16,17,21,22/Feb/2023
Table 1 Newspaper advertisement
Fig 2a Project Advertisement
Fig 2b On Financial Express 15 February

1.3 IFIs’ Performance Assessment 

Further to the work implemented until the previous month, PI Consultant Team conducted additional survey on the IFIs’ achievement and performance through document surveys and interviews with IDCOL and BIFFL. Information on the disbursement has been gathered and the impacts of the Project will be assessed. The organizational development of the IFIs is also examined as well as the environmental and sustainability activity of the financial institutions.  

The information collection is ongoing with the PIUs of the IFIs and related offices and organizations/ companies. The analysis is expected to withdraw the lessons learned and recommendations as well. The draft report will summarize the findings on the projection implementation and be reviewed by the related officers in May. Then the report will be finalized for the final submission. 

Fig 3 Discussion meeting at BIFFL 

1.4 Energy Audit Activities

(1) Feedback of Cityscape Energy Advisory Visit 

On 9 February, the PI Consultant Team paid a visit to Cityscape Towers to share the findings from a series of energy advisory visits. Two visits, with the first being on 17 of October, and the second, one week after, on 24 October. 

The feedback meeting focused on sharing the findings from these visits, as well as to give recommendations on further energy saving potentials. Most of the recommendations were on the introduction of better practices concerning the management of the building, with reference to the international good practices.The follow-up report of Cityscape Tower energy advisory visit (revised) is attached in this monthly progress report 42 (Appendix42-6).

Fig 4 Feedback of Findings at Cityscape Towers 

(2) Energy efficiency benchmarking for Ammonia / Urea manufacturing plant at KAFCO

The PI Consultant Team had planned to visit KAFCO in January 2023, in the context of ammonia / urea manufacturing process benchmarking for Bangladesh. Petrochemical, natural gas and chemical sector expert, Mr. Ebina of the PI Consultant Team had prepared for the visit, including some data collection from the major shareholder company of KAFCO. The January visit, however, was postponed by SREDA. It was in the beginning of February that SREDA proposed conducting the visit on a pinpoint date of 12 February. Even though Mr. Ebina, not being available on the date, could not join the visit, other experts of the Team who were available on the date managed to participate in the visit. 

The PI consultants accompanied the SREDA management’s visit to KAFCO, and conducted an energy audit at KAFCO Ltd. on 12 February 2023. The team comprised Mr. Fukushima, Ms. Mari, Mr. Zakir, and Mr. Zulfiqar, along with SREDA personnel – the Chairman, Member EEC, PD, and APD. Both energy consumption and plant production for Ammonia and Urea were collected for energy intensity analysis. The production process of the Ammonia and Urea plants, as well as the utility systems such as the Steam Turbine Generators and Boilers, were audited.

The findings of the audit are presented below:

  1. The energy intensity was found to be 29.3 mmscf/ton Urea, based on 5 years of average data.
  2. A heat recovery system has been installed for recovering waste heat.
  3. The boilers’ air ratio was found to be 1.1, which is considered very good.
  4. Two Steam turbines are used for power generation.
Fig 5a Inaugural meeting
Fig 5b Audit team
Fig 5c Plant view
Fig 5d Plant view
Fig 5e Control room – data monitoring system
Fig 5f Boiler exhaust gas measuring

(3) Energy audit at Shikalbaha 225MW Combined Cycle Power Plant

The PI Consultants Team conducted an energy audit at Shikalbaha 225MW Combined Cycle Power Plant in February 2023. The team members included Mr. Zakir and Mr. Zulfiqar, along with SREDA personnel – the Chairman, Member EEC, PD, and APD. The audit was conducted on 13th and 14th of February 2023.

The following findings were observed during the audit:

  1. The power plant comprises one gas turbine with a capacity of 150MW. The burner is duel fuel type natural gas and HSD. Additionally, it has one steam turbine with a capacity of 75MW, which is run by steam produced from a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG).
  2. The overall energy efficiency of the plant is around 50%, with the gas turbine’s efficiency being 35%. The remaining amount is recovered by the steam turbine. The observed efficiency is based on the audit day data, as well as the annual data for the last few years.
  3. The manufacturer of the plant is Larsen & Toubro Limited.
  4. The owner of the plant is the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB).
Fig 6a Inaugural meeting
Fig 6b Plant model
Fig 6c Plant view
Fig 6d Plant view
Fig 6e Control room – data monitoring system
Fig 6f Control room – data monitoring system

2. Appendices

Appendix 42-1 Guideline of Energy Audit Activity in Textile factory for energy auditors (Draft)

Appendix 42-2 Guideline of Energy Audit Activity in Steel-making and rolling factory for energy auditors (Draft)

Appendix 42-3 Guideline of Energy Audit Activity in Cement finishing factory for energy auditors (Draft)

Appendix 42-4 Guideline of Energy Audit Activity in Paper & Pulp factory for energy auditors (Draft)

Appendix 42-5 Guideline of Energy Audit Activity in Ceramics factory for energy auditors (Draft) 

Appendix 42-6 Cityscape Tower Energy Advisory Report (confidential)