Monthly Progress Report (41) January 2023

1. Major Activities of the Month

During the month of September, the PI consultant Team actively conducted work including the key activities summarized below:

1.1 Eligible Technology Album

As part of the capacity building efforts with regards to a smooth handover of information among all stakeholders of this project, especially after its conclusion, an album for technologies eligible to this project’s loan is being prepared. The eligible technology album will be designed as a handy leaflet. For all equipment categories covered by the loan, the album will provide information about the basic technology used in the equipment, with a simple explanation regarding the key factors contributing to its energy efficiency.

Fig 1 Excerpt of the Eligible Technology Album

It will also include a list of major suppliers on the market and an overview of the criteria which make a specific equipment model eligible for the loan. 

1.2 Awareness Raising Activities

The Dhaka International Textile and Garment Machinery Exhibition (DTG) will be organized from 15 to 18/February/2023, which is one of the largest expos in the textile and garment sector in Bangladesh. The industry owners and engineers who are keen to know about energy efficiency trend are expected to visit this event. Taking this opportunity, the PI Consultant Team discussed with Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA) and decided to have one page advertisement in the booklet of DTG expo. During the week of the expo, newspaper advertisement will be also published for one week in 6 different newspapers.

Fig 2 Advertisement in DTG Expo and Newspapers

1.3 IFIs’ Performance Assessment 

PI Consultant Team conducts IFIs’ performance assessment every year, to be compiled as a report and to be reflected on the annual reports. The PI Consultant Team’s work during the month was mostly conducted through face-to-face interviews at IDCOL and BIFFL, with their PIU members. The work, this time, included surveys to be reflected on the Project Completion Report to be submitted to JICA, as well as for the draft final report to be submitted from the PI Consultant Team to SREDA. The drafted report covered not only the calendar year 2022 records but also the activities from as far back as 2017. The IFIs’ evolution in terms of institutional capacities to deal with EE&C promotion financing were also a part of the assessment. The findings are reported in the annual report for 2022, with more to appear in the upcoming Project Completion Report and the Consultant Team’s draft final report. 

The work will continue throughout February and will be enhanced to obtaining more information on any of the initiatives conducted by the IFIs for EE&C promotion other than through this Project. The IFIs’ intentions to make use of the knowledges and skills accumulated through the execution of the Project will also be assessed, as an reinforcement element of the IFIs’ enhanced performance assessment. 

1.4 Project Website Reinforcement 

The content of the Project website ( gained additional materials during the month including monthly basis activities and success stories. The brochure of success stories is uploaded as a form of both ebook and downloadable pdf files. The success story video clips have now been embedded on the homepage to improve the visibility. 

Fig 3 ebook of Success Stories

It was on this occasion that the Project website contents were updated and reinforced. Updated activity reports are uploaded and made available for chronological record observation. The Project effect presentations (quantitative information) have been updated to those as of December 2022. Updating and reinforcement of the website contents is expected to continue with the aim to make the site an archive of the Project information. 

2. Attachments

There are no attachments for the month.