Monthly Progress Report (37) September 2022

Major Activities of the Month

During the month of September, the PI consultant team actively conducted work including the key activities summarized below.

1. Golden procedure for energy audit

As energy saving potential in building is significant, and we observe growing number of new NOC request in the building sector, it is important to establish good procedures of energy audit in building sector. To conduct energy audit in the building sector, benchmark (energy consumption per building area, according to each building type such as office, restaurant, hotel, hospital, etc) is the key concept. Having benchmark means that the team who conduct energy audit know about average energy consumption in the country and can compare it with the target building. The team aims to evaluate building EE level, energy usage for each item estimated on the basis of energy usage ratio. Original criteria come from Japanese database and is adjusted to BD conditions with expert opinions and some actual local data.   EE result can be estimated by calculating with energy use ratio, EE criteria potential, and total energy consumption.

Fig 1 Basic Steps for Creating the Golden Procedure of Building Energy Audit

Another important process of energy audit is preparation before onsite visit. The energy audit team can meet with building owner and collect as much information and data as possible in this initial stage. Such initial information and data are the valuable input to a simple analysis sheet. When the team conduct detailed onsite audit, the team should already have a preliminary idea on efficiency of the target building. Data collected though onsite audit will only verify this preliminary idea. This golden starts by filling EE&C performance check sheet below:

Required itemResponse specification
Each floor area sq.ft
Air-conditioned area (total)sq.ft
Monthly power consumptionkWh/month
Other type of fuel consumption per monthkJ/month
Operational hours per dayhrs/day
Operational days per year days/year
Air conditionerInverter Yes/No, COP
LightingLED Yes/No
GlassDouble grazing Yes/No
VentilationHEX, VRF
ElevatorInverter Yes/No,
regenerative Yes/No
Table 1 EE&C Performance Check Sheet

2. Support for GoB Training

SREDA convened a series of trainings for the electric power sector government officials under the name of Energy Efficiency & Conservation Opportunities in Energy and Mass Balance. The PI Consultant Team contributed to the training by offering lectures, four times altogether, on 8th, 13th, 21st and 28th of September. JICA’s video recording training material on the preparation and visualisation of energy balance table, featuring Dr Kimio Yoshida’s presentation was used in all of the four training lectures. The slides used in the lectures are as attached. 

3. Update on IDCOL and BIFFL’s Activities through Monthly Meeting

The PI Consultant Team consulted individually with IDCOL and BIFFL to update the Project progress information. It was on 14th September that a monthly meeting was held at IDCOL, with the presence of SREDA, IDCOL, and BIFFL PIU members as well as their supporting consultants. In the meeting, issues to be immediately addressed by the PI Consultant Team were identified including the MIS functional fault, finalising of promotional video and brochures, as well as the need to have the enhanced eligible technologies & equipment list approved, and also to have the Project website setup as soon as possible. 

4. Appendices

Appendix 37-1: National Energy Balance – International and Bangladesh Contexts