Monthly Progress Report (34) June 2022

Major Activities of the Month

During the month of June, the PI consultant team actively conducted work as summarized below with six international members present in the field.

1. Awareness raising activities 

1.1 Awareness raising activities in food processing industry

The PI Consultant team organized an awareness raising workshop for ice cream industry. As a follow up of the workshop, the PI Consultant team conducted a simple walk-through energy audit in the largest ice cream manufacturer on 8/June/2022. Areas identified for saving energy include insulation, replacement of old fire tube boiler and old ammonia compressors. Feedback meeting was conducted on 16/June/2022. The industry is interested in further promoting energy efficiency in their factories, and further awareness raising activity is expected.

Fig 1 Simple walk-through energy audit in an ice cream factory

1.2 Awareness raising activities in leather industry

The PI Consultant team approached to the leather industry as a next target of awareness raising. In addition to meeting with the leather industry association, the PI Consultant team visited one of the leather factories on 7/June/2022. Energy saving potentials were spotted for more efficient fans, LED lights, generators among others. In the leather industry, environmental issues other than energy efficiency are of major concerns, therefore the PI consultant team will further consider appropriate approach to such industry.

Fig 2 Visit to leather industry

1.3 Success story video clip and brochure preparation

The PI Consultant team dedicated to complete draft of success story video clips and brochures. It is now at a final stage to provide a final draft to the stakeholders for their review.

2. Capacity development for SREDA

2.1 Energy efficiency technologies in steel sector

On 16/June/2022, a capacity development session was held by Mr. Norio Fukushima under topic of energy efficiency technologies in steel sector, participated by SREDA officials. The session covered steel sector overview, eligible technologies in the steel sector and other efficient technologies. The Japanese case of steel sector benchmark (energy intensity, kWh/ton-steel) was presented. To further investigate such benchmark in Bangladesh, more data collection through energy audit in steel plants is expected in the future.

2.2 Preparation for carbon credit lecture

On 27/June/2022, preparatory meeting was conducted by Dr. Satoshi Nakamura participated by the PI consultant team members and SREDA officials on a case study of efficient HVAC system introduction in hospital in Vietnam. The project aimed to generate carbon credits. The official capacity building session focusing on carbon crediting mechanisms is further to be held in July.

Fig 3 Preparatory meeting on efficient HVAC system introduction case study

2.3 Preparation for latest EE&C trend

On 29/June/2022, preparatory meeting was conducted by Dr. Kimio Yoshida on latest trend in energy efficiency and conservation. The presentation covered wide range of topics such as recent global trend, energy statistics, heat pump, zero emissions building (ZEB) and electric vehicle (EV). The official capacity building session focusing on EV and energy efficient buildings are further to be held in July.

3. Preparation for Technical Advisory Committee

In anticipation to organize the second Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) before Eid holidays, the PI Consultant team intensively worked to prepare proposals to be submitted to TAC. Such proposal included addition of new technologies (such as brushless DC motor, and energy efficient escalator) in the eligibility list as well as revision of the current eligibility list.

4. Support for issuing NOC

 IFIs submitted NOC requests (AF22061201, AD21031401) to SREDA. The PI consultant team observed SREDA’s eligibility check on the proposed equipment. As new technology, which is currently out of the eligibility list, was proposed in one of NOC request, such checking process was useful to collect necessary data and information to be presented in TAC.


Appendix 34-1: Energy Efficiency Technologies in Steel Sector