Monthly Progress Report (33) May 2022

Major Activities of the Month

During the month of May, the PI consultant team continuously conducted work as summarized below with five international members present in the field.

1. Awareness raising activities – Success story video clip and brochure preparation

After the shooting for the success story videos in March and April, May was a month of editing and designing. The PI Consultant Team held multiple meetings with the filming team of Charuprangon, to examine the brochure design. Furthermore, The PI Consultant Team also re-evaluated, how the energy saving- and CO2 emissions reduction-data should be presented in the brochure, to assure an unambiguous depiction of the benefits of SREDA’s energy efficiency loan. It has been decided, that for all 9 companies, the estimated amount will be calculated, based on the actual MIS reported data and the catalogue specifications of the purchased equipment. This allows, to present a complete picture of all the equipment purchased by the relevant companies using the loan, even the equipment, which is not yet installed. Figure 3 shows a cut-out of the brochure’s draft, with pictures of the purchased equipment in operation, as well as the energy saving- and CO2 emissions reduction-potential.

Fig 1 Energy saving section of the success story brochure draft

There has also been some progress on regarding the success story videos. As of 31st May, the video about Tosrifa Industries has almost been completed. Subtitles will be added in the upcoming days, combined with a few adjustments on the background music. As the video and the brochure about Tosrifa Industries are almost finished, this allows the PI Consultant Team to model the videos and brochures of the remaining companies based on the preceding output. Primary drafts for the 8 other companies are expected to be delivered by the first half of June.

2. Monthly Monitoring Meeting

The third meeting of the PIU members at the administrative level took place at IDCOL followed by holding at BIFFL in April. IDCOL invited the participants to their premises for the meeting in the afternoon of Wednesday 18 May 2022. The PI Consultants reported their compilation of the Project progress and asked for confirmation and comments from the IFIs, with a focus on the pipeline status. 

The PI consultant team visited each IFI and discussed the more accurate pipeline potential sub-projects and grasped the status of the project operating account. With the information from IFIs, PI consultant team understood every detailed information on disbursement to sub-project owners (date and amount) for PD-90.

The pipeline of IFIs is piling up which will be disbursed from PD109 partly because of strong investment demand from spinning and textile industry. 

3. Efficiency evaluation of air conditioners

PI Consultant had a several meeting with SREDA official concerning energy efficiency evaluation methods. PI Consultant and SREDA official agreed that the current method stipulated in “Bangladesh Standard: Performance of Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps – Energy Labeling and Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) Requirements” does not consider the seasonal changes in Inverter AC performance (i.e. Annual Energy Efficiency Ratio, AEER, does not consider the seasonal changes) mainly due to the seasonal variation of outdoor temperature, while there found some privileges for Inverter AC in the Standard. In order to carry out the simulation of annual energy consumption as accurate as we can for inverter AC, we also agreed that the further discussion should be made regarding methodologies stipulated International Standards (ISO-16358) toward the realization for fair evaluation as to annual energy consumption of Inverter AC. In ISO-16358, Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF) is defined as shown in below Table.

Table 1 Definitions of EER, COP and CSPF

4. Capacity development for SREDA on petrochemical sector

On 25 May 2022, a meeting was held to discuss the oil / petrochemical / fertilizer plant energy analysis based on which an introduction on how the plants have been designed and how to analyse the current operation data were made. Example cases were explained using the crude oil distillation heat recovery system and its fired heater heat losses at Eastern Refinery, a state-owned and the only existing refinery in the country. Papers from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology were referred to in the discussions. On 29th May the follow-up meeting was held in response to the questions raised during the previous meeting, on the subjects of guidelines and procedures. 

5. Contribution to GoB training

SREDA organized training on awareness raising on energy efficiency and conservation targeting officers of Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation. The 2nd batch of training was conducted for two days on 18 and 19/May/2022, the 3rd batch on 24 and 25/may, and the 4th batch on 30 and 31/May. From the PI consultant team contributed to make presentations in the three sessions. 

Fig 2 Capacity development activity for petrochemical sector
  • Session 5 “Rationale for advancing energy efficiency and conservation” by Mr. Yasuhiro Sakamoto and Ms. Mari Iwata
  • Session 6 “Benefits of promoting energy efficiency and conservation” by Mr. Yasuhiro Sakamoto and Ms. Mari Iwata
  • Session 11 “Clean energy technology landscape” by Mr. Zakir Hossain with support from Mr. Fujio Nakamura

6. Support for issuing NOC

An IFI submitted a NOC request (AF22051201) to SREDA. The PI consultant team observed SREDA’s eligibility check on the proposed equipment. The PI consultant team evaluate theoretical energy saving effect.


Appendix 33-1: SREDA’s training on awareness raising on energy efficiency and conservation Session 5 “Rationale for advancing energy efficiency and conservation”

Appendix 33-2: SREDA’s training on awareness raising on energy efficiency and conservation -Session 6 “Benefits of promoting energy efficiency and conservation”

Appendix 33-3: SREDA’s training on awareness raising on energy efficiency and conservation – Session 11 “Clean energy technology landscape”

Appendix 33-4: AC equipment EE indicators and inverter technologies     

Appendix 33-5: Oil/Petrochemical/Fertilizer Plant Energy Analysis

Appendix 33-6: IFI Assessment in 2022

Appendix 33-7: Loan Disbursement status and the way forward