Monthly Progress Report (32) April 2022

1. Major Activity of the Month

This year, the month of Ramadan started from the beginning of April and lasted till the end of the month. During the period, the PI Consultant Team continued their activities without a break. On 19 April, there was a ceremony to greet the outgoing and incoming Chairpersons of SREDA. Major activities were awareness raising material production and project website development. 

Fig 1 Incoming and Outgoing SREDA Chairpersons

1.1 Awareness raising activities – Success story video clip and brochure preparation

The PI Consultant Team started the film shooting on 14 March 2022 and all the shootings were completed on April 20, 2022. The shooting date and targets are shown in Table 1 below.

Company LocationSectorShooting (Equipment)Shooting (Owner Interview)
Meghna Cement Mills Ltd. Mongla, Khulna Cement March 23 April 20
Shun Shing Cement Industries Ltd. Chattogram, Shikolbaha Cement March 30 March 30
Snowtex Sportswear Ltd. Dhamrai, Savar Garment March 20 April 19
Tosrifa Industries Ltd. Gazipur, Tongi Garment March 14 and 15March 14
Etafil Accessories Ltd. Tongi Garment April 6April 6
Odyssey Craft (Pvt.) Ltd. Dhamrai, Savar GarmentMarch 16March 16
Pahartali Textile & Hosiery Mills Chattogram Spinning March 31March 31
Aman Spinning Mills Ltd. Ashulia Spinning April 9April 7
Bangladesh Export Import Company Ltd. (BEXIMCO)Kashimpur Weaving April 16April 16
Table 1 Video shooting date 

Meanwhile, the draft of the brochure is currently in progress. This brochure comprises the profiles of nine companies. The brochure includes pages shows the data of the company respectively. Following are the outline of the data:

  • The company overview, 
  • The owner interview, 
  • The equipment introduced by EECPFP and the effect of energy saving and CO2 emission reduction. 
Fig 2 Awareness Raising Media Discussion 

Tosrifa Industries has been selected to be the first and good sample. The local media production company Charuprangon created a design for the brochure according to the template prepared by the PI consultant team. The draft pages of remaining companies will be finished by May 2022, following the sample.

Also, a sample of video clip will be prepared for Tosrifa Industries by Charuprangon.  It has no subtitles or narration. According to that sample, all the draft video clips will be developed by May 2022.

Fig 3a Awareness Raising Media Shooting Scenes 
Fig 3b Awareness Raising Media Shooting Scenes 

1.2 Monthly Monitoring Meeting

The second meeting of the PIU members at administrative level took place outside SREDA for the first time. BIFFL invited the participants to their premises for the meeting in the afternoon of Tuesday 19 April 2022. The PI Consultants reported their compilation of the Project progress and asked for confirmation and comments from the IFIs, with focus on the sub-project status. 

PI Consultant Team also reported on the progress of the awareness raising media production by sharing the draft version of the brochure. The media production received positive response from the IFIs and was endorsed to further continue the work. 

1.3 Project Website Development 

The current setup of SREDA’s information disclosure of the Project activities is to have a Project factsheet made available on the Project page. As the consulting service work is approaching the completion, the PI Consulting Team intends to make the Project page an archive of the documents and presentations prepared during the course of the activities dating back to September 2019. 

PI Consultant Team created a shadow site as the Project website to be either migrated to a folder under SREDA official site or to have it linked under a designated subdomain. Project related documents including plans, activity reports, training material, awareness raising media, and many other contents were uploaded on the site. Documents uploading work is expected to continue as there are considerable number of documents created and to be shared. 

2. Attachments

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