Monthly Progress Report (30) February 2022

With decreasing trend of COVID-19 infection, three of international members resumed their activities in Bangladesh from 20/February. The main activities conducted during the month are summarized below.

1. Success story video clip and brochure preparation

As a significant part of the awareness program, preparations for the filming of the success story videos are now in the final stages. In consultation with IDCOL and BIFFL, the following nine sub-projects have been selected as sufficient examples for the funding project, representing the cement, garment and spinning sector.

Table 1 Sub-projects for Video Clip and Brochure 

ProponentSite locationSub-sectorSelected by
Meghna Cement Mills Limited. Mongla, KhulnaCementIDCOL
Shun Shing Cement Industries Ltd. Chattogram, ShikolbahaCementIDCOL
Snowtex Sportswear Ltd.Dhamrai, SavarGarmentIDCOL
Tosrifa Industries Ltd.Gazipur/TongiGarmentIDCOL
Etafil Accessories Limited.TongiGarmentIDCOL
Odyssey Craft Private Ltd.Dhamrai, SavarGarmentBIFFL
Pahartali Textile & Hosiery Mills.ChattogramSpinningBIFFL
Aman Spinning Mills Ltd.AshuliaSpinningBIFFL
Asia Composite Mills Ltd.SripurSpinningBIFFL

Charuprangon was selected as the filming company and will provide an experienced filming crew. The videos will show interviews with company representatives about the benefits and achievements of the loan program, combined with a view into the actual factories and purchased equipment. Filming will start in March and is expected to be finished in the first half of April.

2. Reward/Award programs

The study of reward/award program aims at developing the framework and procedure for providing the reward and award to the distinguished organizations, companies, and individuals in the energy efficiency community in Bangladesh. The reward would target the Designated Consumers (DCs) and the government offices to praise the performance of the EEC achievement, based on the energy data submitted to SREDA.  The award program would commend the outstanding achievements in the energy efficiency efforts, based on the voluntary application and the evaluation of the committee.

3. Estimation of investment needs to reach EE&C target

The future investment needs have been examined in order to achieve the national target established in “Energy Efficiency and Conservation Master Plan up to 2030” (March 2015).” First, the current status of the EE&C achievements will be reviewed. Then, the future prospects of the investment needs will be assessed, providing the suggestions on the financing. The work will continue to the next month. 


There is no appendix to this Monthly Progress Report.