Monthly Progress Report (03) November 2019

1. Activities and Achievements

1.1 Summary of Progress

  • Contribution to SREDA’s awareness raising activity (ICEECA 2019).
  • Survey on the loan scope enhancement conducted (steel and chemical).
  • IFIs Project implementation capacity assessment conducted (ongoing).
  • Project data on MIS is being updated (ongoing).
Fig 1 Visit to a steel mill for loan scope enhancement surevey
Fig 2 Visit to a chemical plant for loan scope enhancement surevey

1.2 Consultant Team’s Input

SREDA and the consultant team discussed and mutually agreed to appoint Mr. Md. Sk. Shahriar as Financial Expert (Local) on 01 November 2019.

2. Appendices

Appendix 03-1: ICEECA 2019 presentation: “Energy Efficiency & Conservation Promotion Financing Project; – Success Factors and Challenges”

Appendix 03-2: ICEECA 2019 presentation: “Digital Innovation in Energy Efficiency Promotion; Energy Data Management for Decision Making – A Case at SREDA –”

Appendix 03-3: Assessment of Project Implementation Capacity of the Implementing Financial Institutions (IFIs), Interim Report

Appendix 03-4: GPH Ispat Study Visit Report

Appendix 03-5: WATA Chemicals Study Visit Report