Energy Efficiency & Conservation Promotion Financing Project (EECPFP)

EECPFP utilises a two-step loan (or financial intermediate lending) instrument for the purpose of policy financing. Low interest loan is channelized through Implementing Financial Institutions (IFIs) (namely Infrastructure Development Company Limited, IDCOL and Bangladesh Infrastructure Financing Fund Limited, BIFFL), for industries who are introducing energy efficient equipment, which are generally more expensive than the conventional type equipment. Lower financial cost is encouraging the investors to select energy efficient equipment as compared with conventional equipment.

Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA)’s Energy Efficiency & Conservation Master Plan up to 2030 sets a mid-term energy efficiency and conservation (EE&C) national target as to reduce the country’s energy intensity (energy consumption per production value) by 15% by FY2020/21, in comparison with FY2013/14. To achieve this goal, Japanese Government provided the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) a concessionary loan amounting 11,988 million Japanese Yen (equivalent to about USD 100 million) for a period of 40 years under Loan Agreement No. BD-P90. 

Basic Information on EECPFP

Structure of EECPFP
Project nameEnergy Efficiency and Conservation Promotion Financing Project 
জ্বালানি দক্ষতা ও সংরক্ষণ বৃদ্ধি কার্যক্রমে অর্থায়নপ্রকল্প
ObjectivesPromote demand-side energy efficiency & conservation in industry, building, and residential sectors through the use of preferential lending as the revolving fund.
DurationFrom May 2017 until 2027
Fund availabilityPhase 1: from 2016 to 2022 
Phase 2: from 2019 to 2025 
ComponentsComponent I   Industry sector
Component II  Building / commercial sector
Component III  Residential sector 
Fund sizePhase 1: JPY 11,988 million (0.01% interest rate, 40 years’ tenure with 10 years’ grace period) + GoB portion of BDT 231 million 
Phase 2: JPY 20,076 million (0.90% interest rate, 30 years’ tenure with 10 years’ grace period) + GoB portion to be later determined 
Basic Information on EECPFP

Lending Procedure

SREDA is responsible for technical aspects while IDCOL and BIFFL take care of the financial process. Industries who are interested in getting the Project loan consults with IDCOL or BIFFL, who will share technical information with SREDA, who checks the technical eligibility and issues a NOC (no objection certificate) for the lending procedure. 

Lending Procedure

SREDA PIU (Project Implementation Unit)

The Seventh Five Year Plan (December 2015) stipulates SREDA’s mandate to contribute to demand side energy management through the provision of low interest loan is clearly mentioned. To this end, the Project Implementation Unit (PIU), comprised of the SREDA’s officials in the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Wing, directs the implementation of EECPFP. 

Engr. Mohd. Rezaul Hoq

Energy Efficiency & Conservation-1
& Project Director (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Promotion Financing Project) 
Phone +88-02-55110528 
Email: dir.eec@sreda.gov.bd 

Engr. Toufiq Rahman

Assistant Director
(Standard & Labeling) & Assistant Project Director (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Promotion Financing Project) 
Phone +88-02-55110340 Ext -103 
Email: ad.standard@sreda.gov.bd

Md. Abul Kalam

Assistant Project Director 
Accounts & Finance (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Promotion Financing Project) 
Phone +880-2-55110529 
Email: pdb.abulkalam@gmail.com

Access to Finance

Interested companies are advised to consult with IDCOL / BIFFL, who are the one-stop service partners for accessing the loan fund. Applicants will be requested to consult with either of the financial institutions and to submit the following application documents: 

  • Financial Pre-screening Application Forms 
  • Technical Pre-screening Application Forms (with catalogues, certificates and other technical information of energy efficient equipment) 
  • Financial Statements for the last 3 years
  • Other documents required by IDCOL/BIFFL

Industrial & Energy Efficiency Finance (IEEF) 
PABX: 880-2-9102171-8, Ext-171 
UTC Building (Level-16), 8 Panthapath, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka 1215 


Project Implementation Unit, EECPFP 
Phone: 8801844-221660 
Borak Unique Heights, Level-3,117 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue,
Eskaton Garden, Dhaka 1217 

Consulting Service

This is a technical assistance project for capacity development of SREDA officials, where consultants are engaged in assisting activities such as identifying energy efficient equipment, monitoring energy saving effects achieved by sub-projects, and raising public awareness towards EE&C. Three objectives and six targets of the consulting service are described below:

Objectives Structure

Technical assistance portion of EECPFP is entrusted to Mitsubishi Research Institute. The team, comprised of international and national experts, assists SREDA in identifying further energy efficient technologies, monitoring energy saving effects achieved by sub-projects, managing data and raising awareness to promote EE&C. 

Project Implementation Consultant Team Composition
  • International Expert Team Members
  • National Expert Team Members